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Yohoho Io

Yohoho Io

About Yohoho Io

Games and movies about pirates are always very popular among kids so the developers of this game which is called Yohoho.io did a really great job - they created a game where you can fit the uniform of pirate and fight for the gold and survival with other pirates. The game is pretty addictive and the most awesome thing that you will love is the multiplayer mode. You can play with hundreds of real people all around the world without installing additional software - just open the website in your browser and have fun.

There are several rules in Yohoho io which you must understand if you want to succeed in the game. At the beginning of the game you find yourself on the island full of gold and other pirates. Your primary mission is to collect as much gold as you can to level-up and become bigger. Even though that when you become bigger your speed becomes lower, you can kill enemies from long distance as your weapon becomes bigger. Killing enemies is very important in this game because the more enemies you kill - the more gold you will receive and as a result grow faster.

The island is rather big and you can spend some time collecting gold somewhere in the safe location but the safe area is shrinking all the time. Every time the area shrinks, you must move towards the center. If you stay on the red zone - you will die. In the end of the match, there is only a small part of island available for moving and you will have to face your enemies. By the time the area shrinks to the max, there are no more than 2-3 pirates left and the last man standing wins the match. That's why it is very important to level-up and grow bigger - in the end you will have no space to run and if your enemy is bigger than you, you will die. Play the full version of Yohoho.io for free at our website.

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