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Paper io

Paper io

About Paper io

There are so many io games which are similar to each other but the one featured at this page is a pure gold - let me introduce the latest version of the Paper io game - a game where you have to fight for your territory and capture enemies to grow bigger and dominate the server. Paper Io is a unique mixture of strategy game and action game where you play as a small snake-shaped character which moves all the time and can conquer territory. Every player in this game has it's own color. The territory with white color is the neutral and can be conquered easlily. To conquer the new territory in this game you must make a complete loop and the territory inside the loop will become yours. Keep in mind that the enemies are also ready to conquer your area so be careful. To kill the enemy you must hit his tail while he is outside his base. If you manage to do so, the enemy will disappear from the map and you can easily get new territory.

The main rule in Paper Io is to add small parts of territory - this reduce the risk of being killed by the enemy. You must understand that the game is played by real players all around the world and all players try to attack each other. The best way to survive is to defend territory than attacking your neighbour. If your defence is good, you can catch the enemy and kill him with a simple move and then get his territory. Paper Io also has some different game modes which you will find out on your own. Enjoy the game for free at our website.

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