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Hole Io

Hole Io

About Hole Io

Hole Io or as some people call it Black Hole is a game with modern graphics and very addictive gameplay where you have to become a black hole which will move through city, swallow people, cars and even whole buildings. The game is available in multiplayer mode and has a lot of interesting features that I will tell you about below.

In Hole io at the beginning of the match you play as a little hole which can swallow only small objects. If you act fast enough and swallow enough objects, your hole will grow and become bigger. Now you can get people, small cars and other objects. The first minute of the game is very important because all players start from the same size of hole but the number of small objects is limited. This means that if there are no small objects left, you just can't grow and in the end you will be killed by a bigger player. The bigger your hole is, the bigger objects you can get - for example at the last level of evolution, you can swallow big buildings and other players.

As the Hole Io is a multiplayer game, you can play with real people all around the world and compete with them. You can also swallow small players if you get over them. Keep in mind that you can't swallow holes of the same size as you or bigger. There are a lot of different maps in this game, including city, islands and others. When you earn enough experience you can unlock new skins for your hole and also get some bonus maps. Enjoy the full version of Hole Io with us.

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