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Little Alchemy

Little Alchemy

About Little Alchemy

Little Alchemy is one of those games which is very interesting for both kids and grown-ups because of the awesome idea - in this game you can become an alchemist who can create new elements by joining the basic four elements on the earth - Water,Ground,Air and Fire. The gameplay is pretty simple and uses the drag and drop to move the elements on the board. For example, if you mix water with fire, you will get a new element - steam. When you unlock a new element, it appears on the toolbox on the right side so next time you need it just drop to the board and try mixing with other elements.

Little Alchemy features more than 100 different elements that you have to discover and the best way to do so is to think how the basic things are made. You can try mixing the elements on random and if you are right - a new element will appear, but if you are wrong nothing will happen and the elements will remain on the board. The great news is that the game save your progress and next time you want to play the game all discovered elements will appear on the same places. The single rule is that you have to continue playing from the same device not to lose game progress. Little Alchemy is a good game to rise your knowledge of chemistry just interesting for whose who don't know how different things are made. It is based on real facts so that makes the game special. For those who want to discover even more elements, they can play the second edition of the game too with an updated graphics and huge variety of new elements. Enjoy the full version of Little Alchemy for free with us.

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