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2048 Game


About 2048 Game

2048 is one of those games which has a poor graphics but the gameplay and meaning is so good that you just can't stand playing it. The first appear of the 2048 game made a revolution in online games - the game became so popular that people all around the world started making remakes of the game, adding some special rules and so on. Today the game is still very popular all around the world and people enjoy it every day on different platforms, including smartphones, Pc browsers and others. But what's the main reason of this popularity?

2048 Game has very simple gameplay. You can see the board with tiles on your screen - all tiles have different numbers. If you move two similar tiles towards each other, for example 2 and 2, you will get a new tile with number 4. And again, if you move two tiles with number 4 on them, you will get 16. That's the main rule of the game - you must merge similar tiles to get a new one with higher number and the winner is the player who can unlock tile with number 2048. Everything seems pretty clear but there is a problem - the space for moving tiles is limited and every time you move them without merging, a new tile appear on the board. So, if there is no place to move the tiles in any direction, you lose the game and have to start from the beginning

This game is not just for having fun. According to many reviews, the game increase your logical thinking ability and math skills. If you just move the tiles up or down you can't achieve success - the way to success is to generate your own strategy of moving tiles and reaching the final 2048 number. For a pro users, you can continue playing the game even after reaching the number 2048. That's pretty interesting and addictive and I hope you will complete this quest with us.

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