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Earn To Die 2

Earn To Die 2

About Earn To Die 2

Earn To Die is a game which I played at school long time ago. The game was created using the Flash technology and seemed to be one of the best zombie games on the internet. As you might know, by the end of 2020 all flash games were disabled and I though that that's the last time I play my favorite game. The good news is that the developers of the game moved to a new platform and gave us opportunity to enjoy favorte game whenever and wherever we want. As as result, let me welcome you at the page where you can play the full version of Earn To Die 2.

The second version of the game continues the story of the first part. The storyline is rather interesting - the deadly virus turned people into zombies which are trying to eat everyone. You are one of survivals who stuck in the city full of zombies and your single way to survive is to reach the safe zone of evacuation. You have to use your car to reach the safe point but there is a problem - your car has a weak engine and is not suitable for long runs. You must upgrade your car, get new spare parts and install additional weapons to get through hundreds of zombies alive.

You start with a simple car that can run a short distance. Every time you make a ride, you kill zombies on your way and get money. When you earn enough money you can visit the garage to buy some upgrades for your car. For example, you can upgrade the engine, gearbox, fuel tank and a lot of other parts to make it faster and stronger. As you might guessed, the first thing that you must upgrade is the fuel tank - the larger your fuel tank is - the longer distance you can cover. To reach the final spot you must upgrade all parts of your car. When you fully upgrade the car, you can visit the garage to unlock a new car which is much stronger but also needs upgrades. The game has a pretty addictive gameplay, awesome graphics with slow motion zombie kills and a lot of other features you will enjoy. Have fun playing Earn To Die 2 at our website.

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